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Facts About Scar Revision

The formation of scars is something you probably can’t avoid if you suffered an injury, a burn, or a different trauma in the past. When the wound starts to heal, scars will appear. They can have an adverse impact on the appearance of your skin. Some people don’t even notice their scars. Some of them like having a scar as it is a reminder or a previous experience, something that happened in the past. However, other individuals think that a scar is reducing their aesthetic appeal. If you fall into the third group, don’t worry, all you need to do is to undergo a scar removal surgery. It is a quite common procedure performed by plastic surgeons. You just need to find out more about how to prepare for this medical procedure, what to do and what to avoid when it is finished, as well as what will happen during the scar revision. Also, it is important to consult a doctor first. He will ask you some questions to determine whether you are the right candidate for this surgery. When searching for the right specialist, it would be a wise choice to contact one of the Board Certified plastic surgeons. Thanks to experienced professionals, everything will go smoothly, without any side effects and complications.


Is scar revision the right choice for you?

When your skin is recovering from an injury, no matter if it is a result of a burn, acne, or an accident, scars will appear. Once they form, they will stay on your skin, as they are permanent. However, thanks to the scar revision surgery, they can become less visible than they are now. It is crucial to understand that this surgical procedure is not a magic potion that will make your scars disappear without any trace. Its purpose is to improve human appearance and make the scarring less noticeable than currently, but it can’t eliminate scars entirely. You need to understand this before undergoing this procedure. You need to have realistic expectations. If you do, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. If you believe your skin will look as if the scar was never there, you are in delusion. Scar revision will enhance your beauty. All you need to do is to find a surgeon with Board certification and schedule a consultation.

The purpose of scar treatment is to minimize its prominence or to disguise it. The outcome of the procedure depends on several factors, including skin type, skin color, age, ethnic background, and the ability of your body to heal. Your surgeon will discuss all of them in detail and tell you what to expect from the surgery. A doctor will also give you instructions on how to behave after the procedure, and what activities to avoid. If your scars occurred a few months ago, your surgeon will advise you to wait a bit before undergoing a scar revision surgery. In a case of an injury, the healing period of your body might last up to one year after the incident. If you wait long enough, your body will have enough time to heal properly. After one year after the injury, if you are not satisfied with the visibility of your scars, call a plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation.