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Beachwood Scar Removal

If you have any scarring which occurred due to an accident, a burn, an injury, or some other type of trauma, and want it to be less noticeable than currently, you should consider visiting one of the plastic surgeons with experience in scar removal. Many people want to reduce the visibility of their scars because they have an impact on their appearance. In most cases, scar revision is considered by individuals with scarring on a visible body area. Not only this procedure can improve the appearance of your skin, and make scars less visible than now, but also it can help restore the form and function of the scarred tissue. If you are thinking about reducing the visibility of your scarring, it would be a wise idea to contact one of the Board Certified plastic surgeons and schedule a consultation to know if you are a viable scar removal candidate. Dr. Steven Goldman MD, is a member of the Board Certified plastic surgeons and can perform Beachwood scar removal


Types of scars

Scars can have several types, and each of them requires different treatment. We will discuss the most common types. The first one includes burn scars. They are a result of severe burns that had an impact on a large section of skin. They are also known as contracture scars, and they extend deep into the skin tissue. As the skin heals, tendons and muscles can have impaired movement. Scar revision surgery can remove the scar and allow your muscles to move properly.

The second type includes keloid scars. They are caused by the overproduction of collagen after an injury. Usually, they are raised, and often grow beyond the site of injury. The third type includes hypertrophic scars. They are quite similar to keloids, but they don’t grow beyond the injury site. After a few years, they can reduce in size. However, they will stay thick, with the swollen appearance. The fourth type includes acne scarring. Although they are not severe, they can have a significant impact on an individual’s appearance and can affect facial expressions.

Find out if you are a good scar removal candidate

The same as with other surgical procedures, you have to be in good health. Also, you should be free of any active diseases. If you have some pre-existing medical condition, it is crucial to contact a plastic surgeon as he will tell you whether your condition can have an influence on the outcome of your surgery or not. You are also an excellent candidate for scar revision if you have realistic expectations. To be clear, scar removal surgery can’t erase and eliminate scars permanently. It is quite effective in decreasing the visibility of scarring, and it will improve your appearance a lot. However, your scars won’t entirely disappear.

If you are a smoker, recently quit, or you are under exposure to second-hand smoke, you might not be a good candidate for scar removal surgery. The problem is – primary and secondary smoking decreases blood supply to the tissues of your body. As a result, it takes a long time for your body to heal, and you are prone to increased scarring, skin loss, and infection. If you are a smoker or exposed to second-hand smoke, it is crucial to tell that to your doctor. Don’t try to hide something like this from a surgeon as you could put your health at risk.